Add-on Experiences and pricing

Our most popular on-site experiences

  • Horseback riding - $80 +tax per person for a 2 hour ride
  • Masseuse - $150 +tax per hour
  • Riverside Yoga - $150+tax per session
  • riverside live music- $150 +tax per hour
  • Personal DJ for lodge or Riverside - $65 +tax per hour
  • Karaoke riverside or in Lodge - $150 +tax per night

Our most popular 'half-day' off-site experiences

These off-site experiences must be booked in advance: $150 +tax per person for a 4 hour adventure (price based on double occupancy) 

  • Float trip - Epic canyon float with chef planned meal at remote riverside kitchen.  Fun, yet very safe and romantic adventure for couples or the whole family. 
  • Jet Boat Tour - Fast, Fun, high end jet boats to see the Bulkley Valley from the river. Includes riverside meal, music, beaches and a CN rail historical tour. 
  • Guided half day of fishing - Great way to venture out into the wilderness and catch some wild fish. Options for trout, or salmon. 
  • Photography Tour -  Tour around the Bulkley Valley with a professional photographer, setting sights on the best photography opportunities and lessons on how to shoot them.

Add-on experiences for the more adventurous

Our 80 acre riverside lodge operation is designed to offer guests an all inclusive experience with everything right at your fingertips. Make the most of your stay with exciting, on-site activities for the kid in you and the ones in tow. From onsite group recreation like basketball and disc golf to live music shows.  Riverside horseshoes, bean bag toss and much more. Our family friendly lodge is packed with activities and amenities to keep the whole family happy, relaxed, and entertained. There’s no need to venture offsite, unless you want to.  

There are many activities to do on site which means, if you choose you can relax riverside, enjoying the great outdoors without ever having to venture off the ranch.  Locally sourced organic food served throughout the day by our fiver star chef.  Wonderful riverside walks, onsite yoga and masseuse, fitness areas and hot tub to unwind.  With in-house live music, and riverside bonfires at our exceptional wedding event area you can relax without having to leave the comforts of the lodge.  We are also a small facility with only 12 rooms so you will never feel crowded and can always maintain social distances

If you would like to see more of the surrounding area the lodge offers add-on experiences.  These trips are the best that northern BC has to offer. 



 2. Heli Fishing  

We fly 45 minutes into the Nass Valley landing on a small intimate river called the Damdochax.  Here there are more wolf and bear tracks than human.  The river is only 12 miles long and flows from Damdochax lake to the confluence of the third largest river in BC, the Nass. 

The Nass is born on the Spatsizi Plateau. It flows for 380km through Tahltan and Nisga'a territory before reaching the Pacific. The trout fishing is exceptional and the wildlife viewing is what you would expect since that it is truly the most remote place you can get in Northeastern BC.  Grizzlies, wolfs, goats, and much more are common during the flight and to see while fishing.  

The average trout is 14- 18 inches and many fish over the 20-inch mark are around.  They are mostly caught on large dry flies like adams and elk hairs. The bull trout are the big ones and are normally 3-5lbs, but many go over 7lbs.   


The region above timberline is one of the most visually exciting habitats to be found in northern British Columbia. There is little to impede your views of the snow-covered peaks stretching toward the horizons, and colorful flowers decorate the tundra at your feet. Throw in a variety of wildlife, and a nature photographer couldn't ask for much more.

On this tour we'll be concentrating on the Babine Mountain Range  There is something for every nature photographer on the slopes of Babine. Landscape photographers will have endless Mountain range vistas. Patterns of multi-hued lichen and a carpet of alpine forget-me-nots, spring beauties, alpine Ravens, and a variety of other colorful flowers will tempt close-up specialists. Then there's the wildlife. Mountain Goats, marmots, and other critters will compete for the wildlife photographer's attention.

The mountain goats in and around Smithers, BC are some of the most accessible in the world because they are just so close to town. In June, the goats will still be in good coats, and the newborn kids and their mothers will be joining the main herds. This will give us fantastic opportunities for everything from point-blank portraits to mother/kid interactions to environmental shots showing the goats and their magnificent world.

By utilizing our local Helicopter we can take most of the difficult hiking out of the search.  Most Goat treks in the alpine require extreme exertion, and your heart and lungs offer plenty of incentive to leave heavy camera gear behind. If you've ever wanted to explore this challenging terrain with lots of camera gear, this is the tour for you.

Getting thereThe helicopter will pick you upright in front of your cabin and take you to the top of the ridge for a full day of photography and Mountain Goat viewing. Your guide will help carry food, drinks, and camera equipment as you search for the perfect photo. 


4. Glamping

One of the most popular add-ons is our overnight options. Each is the true definition of 'Clamping'.  During your stay at Frontier Experience, you can choose one of 2 overnight night camps.  They will put you right in the action without any of the work.  We have 1 camp on the coast used mostly for fishing, and one camp halfway between the lodge and the coast used for star gazing, hiking and quad riding.  

When operating from a tent camp our mission is to hear you say "that's hardly camping" or use the word "glamping" to sum up your stay. This depends completely on our ability to cover every aspect of the trip imaginable. Food is something we take very seriously and from hiring the finest chefs to maintaining the most quality ingredients, we just want this to be another arrow in our quiver.

After the daily outing, guests will return to freshly prepared appetizers so you can relax riverside while the talented team prepares first-class dinner. With a deluxe salad to start regular feasts include bbq ribs, sablefish with palenta, pork tenderloin, thai chicken saute, rib eyes, and even leg of lamb. Entries are always served with fresh cooked veggies and   is proud to purchase locally whenever ingredients are available.

Getting There:  Coastal camp is a 2-hour drive from the lodge and everything you need is already at camp.   Mid Camp is 45 minutes from the lodge.  If you have ever dreamed of glamping at a truly one of a kind, world-class camp these are 'must-do adventures'

5. Heli Glacier Tour

The town of Smithers is surrounded by 6 different Glaciers and seeing by helicopter is the most inspiring day of adventure you will have. The heli will buzz the 8000 foot high Howson range mountains. You will even get to land where you will have nice walking and photography options. It is also the perfect place to have a beautiful, scenic lunch under the towering mountains.  The location is a stunning glacier lake and one of the single most epic views in the area. The flight there will take you across forest-covered hills and green, lush fields full of alpine flowers and meadows.

After your shore lunch you will experience one of the most spectacular glacier tours imaginable, six glaciers up close in unforgettable fashion. Dropping in and landing to use some glacial ice in your cocktail is always a highlight. 

The Howson range gets Its name from Jack Howson, a prospector, and teamster in Telkwa early in the 20th century. The earliest climbing history is quite dramatic. A climber was killed on the first attempt to climb Howson Peak. The Howson Range is in the Wet'suwet'en (House of Kwees) and is 9000 feet elevation. 

Getting There: We take a 5-minute drive to the heli base where we load up to go. From here it is a twenty-five-minute flight to the Howson range.  This is a half-day adventure. We usually leave the Lodge around 11 am and return around 2 or 3 pm.